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What if it rains on the day......?!

Wellies and waterproofs at the ready………parents worst nightmare…….but from previous experience the kids don’t care!!
We are happy to continue whatever the weather.

Grooming at Pampered Ponies can be done in the stables for shelter. It is advisable if the party is at your home to have a wet weather plan.

A gazebo, garage or marquee to provide shelter for grooming is always a good idea.

What does my child wear......?!

Enclosed shoes, something you don’t mind getting a bit muddy / dirty!

Leggings or trousers so their legs don’t get rubbed when riding.

Dress appropriately for the weather, always better to be too warm and be able to peel the layers off when required!

What can we expect on the day......?!

1 hour is really only appropriate for everyone at your party to have a quick pony ride.  If it is a small group we will do some brushing, grooming building the children’s confidence getting to know the ponies first and then a offer pony ride.  

For larger parties, we normally split into 2 groups, to ensure each child has an equal turn with the ponies, this is also a better experience for the ponies!
The first group do (horseshoe craft if purchased for your party) if not we can replace with horseshoe hunt, whilst the other group brush, groom and ride the ponies.

If there is any time left we can bring them all together and play some games with the ponies.

What’s included in my allocated time.

Depending on weather you opt for 1 hour or 2 hours, it is just purely pony stuff,
It does not include your food time, this can be done after.

If you hold your party @ pampered ponies you are welcome to stay and have your picnic for up to 1 Hour after your party ends.

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