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Pony parties out and about 2017

(including Cob House and Worcester Wood Country Park)

£175  -  1Hr

£200 - 1.5Hrs
£220  -  2Hrs

Parties at Pampered Ponies

£150  -  1Hr (6-8 Children)

£175 - 1.5Hr (8-10 Children)
£200  -  2Hrs (10-12 Children)

Pony Parties

A party with a real difference; One not easily forgotten that will be talked about all year round by both children and parents! Making dreams a reality and leaving magical memories.

Each party is individually tailored to your child’s age, gender, ability and likes.
Choose from grooming and pampering, plaiting, fancy dress/ themed, games or our most popular option purely riding.

If your own garden is suitable, we can bring the ponies to your party. If not, you can come to us at pampered ponies. Our parties can be held anywhere as long as the setting is suitable and we have the necessary permission.

We also hold parties at Cob House, Martley, where there are additional attractions, and also at Worcester Woods Country Park.

Bring your own picnic, or we can provide party lunchboxes.
Welcome to stay and have your picnic after allocated pony time.
We can set up a marquee and provide table and chairs / hay bales..
Choose from grooming, pampering, plaiting and decorating with ribbons, pony games, or riding. Horse shoe craft is also available at extra cost.

Number of children are only approximate and depends on what activities you would like to fit into your allocated time.

Parties are suitable from 2-12yrs old.

Special Extras

Free of charge to the birthday boy or girl if purchased for your party.
(Often parents replace the party bag with these special items instead)

Horse shoe craft - £4 per child

Your child will be given a painted black or white horse shoe to create and design their own masterpiece keepsake with stick on gems, letters, bows, buttons and finished off with a piece of ribbon to hang it up nicely and remember the special day.

Rosettes - £1.20 each

These are personalised to the birthday boy or girl, just choose your colours!

Recommended numbers 6-12 children per party. Extra children £10 each.

Larger / smaller parties can be arranged, please contact us for your requirements.

Party Lunch Boxes can be provided £4.50 per child

Please notify us before hand of any special dietary requirements.


* Children remain the responsibility of the parent at all times.

* Children need to dress appropriately and wear an enclosed shoe.

*Children should be made aware that handling a horse is a risk, ponies can be unpredictable so we would ask that children co-operate with our instructions when handling and riding.

* Children will be led at all times. Parents / carers can walk alongside if they wish to do so.

* After touching our animals please wash hands or use hand santisers provided.

* Safety hats are provided.

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